The Beginning


I’m interested to know what goes through your head, reader, whenever you read that word and its syllables and delicate phonetics cradle your cranium. What memories or expectations are dug up from your mind? For me, many things emanate from the entering of this two-syllable word into my brain. Words such as unknown, intimidating, and formidable pass through after it, like a tail on the end of a very long, very hungry snake…

Okay, I might be exaggerating a little bit.

Truth be told, I am scared to death about college. Here are the top three reasons why.

1. I’m a Christian

Some of you may think, “So? You’re a Christian. Don’t Christians go to college like normal people?” Yes, they do; after all, we are human just like everyone else, in fact I think we are more aware of our humanity than anyone else, but that’s only my thought.

The reason why college intimidates my faith so much is because I am a Christian girl headed into the Big Apple—A.K.A, New York City. I am going into Brooklyn, NYC, to study writing at Pratt Art Institute. This college is not only located in the Big City, but it also happens to be an extremely secular school with absolutely zero to negative religious affiliation of any sort.

My fear is that there will be no other Christians there to sharpen me, that I will be alone, that I will be so surrounded by vulgarity and perversion and what not that my mind and heart will be absolutely inundated by the world, and I will fail in my testimony.

2. I’m a small town country girl.

So NOT ONLY am I a Christian girl, but I’m also that stereotypical, small town, country, lady that has been brought up around good folks, good food, farms, and small classrooms. I am not at all a blingy, city, polished diva that wears Prada and Chanel. Which brings me to number three…

3. Stereotypes

Not only do I catch myself making ridiculous stereotypes about the city people, but also I find that I have been putting myself into stereotypes that no one around me has even suggested. Hence why I claim myself to be a country girl as opposed to a city girl. Right there. Stereotype.

So, with all these fears being laid out in front of both me and the Internet (or at least those of you reading this), I will proceed to dethrone each of them.

Elijah, after all the known prophets of the day had been slaughtered and Jezebel wanted his head, whined and whined and whined to God about how he was the only one left, the only prophet who remained. However, God reassured Elijah that He had a whole bunch of Christians who were ready to follow Him that Elijah hadn’t even known about. Therefore, who am I to say that I will be the only one?

About the stereotypes and being a “country girl.” A while back, when I first started this blog, I talked about how I despised being stereotyped as a young adult. I used a quote, “Don’t label me; I’m not a soup can.” How true! How dare I put myself and God in this box of cliches and stereotypes! A small town country girl going to the big city for school is hardly a horrific occurrence or an intimidating title….

To me, a small town country girl going to the big city for school is simply the beginning to a really great story. 🙂


About newminority16

Hi, my name is Hunter. I very often make random comments about bacon and how chocolate is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy :) So, before I started this blog, I was getting ready to make one of the biggest decisions of my life: college. God led me to go to a secular college in New York City, a place I was deathly afraid of. It's followed me through those years at college straight into married life and becoming a military spouse, all while seeking to following Christ and know God better and share Him with others. This blog is a way for you to go with me through these adventures, through being a Christian in a world that's forgotten its Creator.
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