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“Here’s the bottom line: Jesus loves lost people. He wants us to love lost people too.

We worry about trying to build intentional relationships with non-Christians: Will we understand one another? Will we offend them? How uncomfortable will it be?

“Jesus regularly ate with sinners—people in need of God, just like you and me. Why? Because Jesus longed to eat with them in heaven.

The incredible journey of following Jesus involves sharing who he is while sharing our lives with others. Over food and drink, through conversations filled with stories and insights, people come to know the love of God and the hope of salvation.

Eats with Sinners shows you how to let down your guard so God’s love can flow through you and get across the table to your non-Christian friends. They’ll taste and see that the Lord is good as you invite them to one day feast with Jesus in heaven.”

The book Eats with Sinners by Arron Chambers is a story-based expository work in the genre of Christian Ministry and evangelism. It pursues the themes of the example of Jesus’ ministry, His outreach to the lost and lonely of the world, and of how He’s called Christians to follow in His footsteps today. Chambers addresses the pitfalls of modern Christianity, and seeks to highlight ways in which Christians can more wholeheartedly live a life of loving the lost.

A couple of things that made this book enjoyable for me as a reader:

The first thing is the message. The message of the book was, as per the synopsis, “Jesus loves lost people, and He wants us to love lost people too.” Chambers presented a very uncomplicated approach to loving the people who have not excepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and sought to challenge the reader to pursue this approach: invite hurting people into your life, and love them, and God will do the rest.

The second thing is the applicability. Chambers’ message made its way into my day-to-day thinking and applied to my immediate circumstances, and as I read I began to look for and find ways to be friends to the people in my life in desperate need of Christ. This has been very freeing, and has reminded me of how I am merely meant to be a conduit through which God works in the lives of others, and I am not God Himself.

And the final thing is the testimony of it all. Chambers bases much of his book off of stories of how people came to Christ, how God has used his life and the lives of those in his church to bring people to Christ, and illustrative stories from the news and from personal experience that provided both humor and relatability.

A couple of things that made this book difficult for me as a reader:

The first thing is the structure of it all. While the message was important, the purity of it felt hindered by the way the book was set up. Chambers included block quotes that often disrupted the flow of the book, and even the way the stories were inserted to prove his point sometimes made the point difficult to follow. Many people can read past a convoluted structure to see the true message, absolutely, but the book would’ve been all the more enhanced if the writing itself had been more organized.

The second thing is the delivery. This seemed like much more of a frustrated rant as opposed to a thought and pointed challenge. Chambers often pointed out how the church has failed in loving lost people, and he often seemed like he was puffing himself up and not showing the reader the personal ways he has failed on his journey to love people, which was certainly not the intention behind his writing the book, and he sought to make the disclaimer of not hating the church, etc. Unfortunately, I don’t think the disclaimers did anything to soften the tone, or to communicate humility. So, Chambers desired to challenge people to love lost people, but his tone and the way he said things as though they were obvious made it difficult not to judge or criticize his method and lose the message altogether.

The third thing is the range of depth. I feel like so many of the points made by Chambers could’ve been expounded upon so much more. I feel like he tried to communicate so many big things in  such a small space, and yet I also felt like, after the first three chapters, he was saying the same thing, simply in different ways, and part of me felt like I’d understood the crux of the book halfway through it. That being said, the conclusion could have been stronger as well. I kind of felt like the book just ended, like it was getting too long and needed to end and didn’t have room to properly climax and then leave a strong impression on the reader in its descending points.

Despite the criticisms, the message is seriously important, and is something I don’t think Christians can hear enough, or, I certainly can’t hear it enough. I would recommend this book to you if you’re particularly desirous of changing how you follow Christ, getting outside of your comfort zones, and learning what it looks like to eat with sinners.

About the Author:

ARRON CHAMBERS is the lead minister of Journey Christian Church in Greeley, Colorado. He is a contributing editor for Christian Standard, a coach, an inspirational speaker to thousands of people each year, the husband of a lovely wife, and the father of four beautiful kids.” (From the back of Eats with Sinners).

“Who is Arron Chambers? Lead Minister of Journey Christian Church in Greeley, Colorado, Author, Husband of a Lovely Wife, Father of Four Kids, Evangelism Champion, Leadership Consultant, Marriage Coach, and Blogger.”

Also, if you’d like to know more about Arron Chambers, behold, I present thee with the links to both his blog and his church website 🙂




*A complimentary copy of this book was given to me by Tyndale Press.


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